UK Qualifying System for the 2019 J/70 World Championship

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The International J/70 Class Association (IJ70CA) has established the criteria for World Championship qualification. Based on the criteria set forth by the IJ70CA, there will be 20 available berths for UK competitors at the 2019 World Championship to be held at Royal Torbay Yacht Club. The UK Qualifying Berths will be allocated by the UK & Ireland J70 Class Association (J70UKICA).

The qualifying berths are for boat owners who are J/70 Class members in good standing and whose boats are in full compliance with the Class Rules.

If an owner has someone other than him/herself drive the boat for a qualifying event, it is that combination of owner/driver who must compete in the Worlds.

If an owner/driver qualifies as a Corinthian Team, they shall compete in the World Championship as a Corinthian Team.

As part of the qualifying process the IJ70CA has also established perpetual berths for winners of past events. For the UK this includes one boat owner, Simon Ling, Corinthian World Champion in 2015.

UK Qualifying Berths

The UK Qualifying Berths will be allocated by the J70UKICA as follows:
1. 10 Berths to Open Event Teams. 10 berths to Corinthian Teams
2. 20 Berths will be allocated in 2018. A limited number of Berths may be available in 2019
3. The 2018 Grand Slam Series Events will be the Qualifying Events for 2018

2018 J/70 Grand Slam Series & World Championship Qualifying Series

Event number  Date            Event                                             Organising Authority

  1. Apr 21 – 22         Warsash Spring Championships – 1        Warsash SC
  2. Apr 28 – 29         Warsash Spring Championships – 2        Warsash SC
  3. May 25 – 27        The J-Cup                                                   Island SC
  4. Jun 2 – 3             Southern Area Championships                Royal Thames YC
  5. Jul  20 – 22         UK National Championships                     Royal Southern YC
  6. Aug 4 – 7            Cowes Week Mini-Series                            Cowes Week Ltf
  7. Sep 22- 23          Autumn Championships                            RYS
  8. Oct 13 – 14        Hamble One Design Championships-1    Hamble River SC
  9. Oct 20 -21         Hamble One Design Championships-2    Hamble River SC

i. RRS Low Points System of Appendix A shall be used for scoring of the 2018 J/70 World Championship Qualifying Series with the following changes:
ii. One (1) race is required to be completed at each Event to constitute a series and count towards the 2018 J/70 World Championship Qualifying Series.
iii. A boats series score for the 2018 J/70 World Championship Qualifying Series will be the total of its best five (5) overall rankings from the nine (9) events.
iv. RRS A9 will not be used.
v. Qualifying Series for Open Event Teams and Corinthian Teams will be scored as separate series with qualifying places awarded to the top 10 Open Event Teams and the top 10 Corinthian Teams
vi. A UK Owner competing in the 2018 J70 World Championships at Marblehead USA will be awarded Average Points for his/her best 4 Qualifying Event results (not including any DNC scores) to calculate a 5th event result which can be included in his / her Qualifying Series score
4. Qualifying Events for 2019 will be determined by the J70UKICA if further berths become available and when the 2019 racing schedule is available and will be communicated on the J70 UK Class website before the end of 2018.

Note: “Corinthian Team” is defined as the entire crew, including the owner/driver, holding valid World Sailing Group 1 classifications in all Qualifying Events.

If a team does not provide proof of its World Sailing Group 1 classifications, it will be assumed that the team has at least one Group 3 competitor, therefore being  considered a “Group 3 Team” i.e., in the “Open” category for the purpose of qualifying.

The final resolution of any discrepancy in this document, qualified competitors and/or the qualifying event schedule or criteria shall be resolved by the J70UKICA Committee.