J/70 International Class to invite GBR boats to World Championships

The International J/70 Class Association has now published the qualifying system for the 2022 J/70 World Championships in Monaco. The event is to be a maximum 90 boat fleet drawn from the best J/70 sailors across the world, who will compete for the 2022 Open and Corinthian World titles in Monaco next October. Those who have sailed in Monaco before know what a welcoming club the Yacht Club do Monaco will be and what a special place it is to sail in.

The UK Class Association has been asked by the International J/70 Class Association to nominate two GBR boat owners to receive invites to the 2022 World Championships – one Open category and one Corinthian category.

In accordance with our selection policy discussed at the AGM, your Committee will be nominating Nick Phillips in the Open Category and Doug Struth in the Corinthian category to receive invites to the World Championships. This is based on their winning the Open and Corinthian categories, respectively, in the 2021 Grand Slam series.

In addition to this, due to the result he achieved in the 2021 European Championship, the International J/70 Class Association will invite Charles Thompson to participate in the World Championships.

As a previous winner of the J/70 World Championships in the Open category, which he won in spectacular style at the 2019 World Championships held in Torbay, and having also achieved runner up place in the 2021 European Championships, Paul Ward will be invited to attend.  Also,  as previous World Champions in the Corinthian category, Marshall King/Ian Wilson and Simon Ling will also be invited to participate.

Furthermore, any boat may petition to sail in the World Championship by filling out an online petition form that will accompany the Notice of Race, which will be published on the J/70 World Championship website in due course. Petitions will be accepted until the registration deadline but for best chance of success, the International Class advises petitioners to file their petition before January 30th 2022.

Congratulations to all those who will receive an initial invite and we encourage those who would like to attend to fill in a petition.

Marshall King J/70 UK Class Captain