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J70 2019 Worlds Qualification – UK Qualifiers

J70 2019 Worlds Qualification – UK Qualifiers

The J70 UK Class Committee received a number of comments on the allocation of UK Qualifying places for the World Championship at Torbay in 2019.

After reviewing the “UK Qualifying System for 2019 J70 World Championship” document and the Racing Rules of Sailing, we have concluded that the 20 qualifying places should be awarded to the following owners based on results in the 2018 Grand Slam Series.

Corinthian: Geoff Carveth / Doug Struth /D S P, Marshall King & Ian Wilson/Soak Racing, Jack Davies/Yeti, Fiona Hampshire/Elizabeth, Patrick Liardet/Cosmic, Philip Rees/Bryn, David McLeman/Offbeat, Andrew Barraclough/Jenga 8, Steve Venables/Injunction, Tim Collins/Velvet Elvis/EV Experts, Brian Denney / Jalapeno
Open: Clive Bush/Darcey, Martin Dent/Jelvis, Paul Ward/Eat, Sleep, J, Repeat, John Greenland/Jdog, Ossie Stewart & Lawrie Smith/Alfie, Graham Clapp/Jeepster, Thor Askeland & Robert Larke/Mjoelnir, Simon Cavey/Just4play, Jeremy Thorp / Phan

Further details of the Worlds entry process will be published as soon as they are available.

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