Serious Fun and DSP GJW Direct J/70 UK National Champions


Mark Lees’ Serious Fun (Royal Southern YC) is the 2018 Open J/70 UK National Champion. Doug Struth’s DSP (Royal Southern YC) is the 2018 Corinthian J/70 UK National Champion. Glorious conditions prevailed over three days of racing in the Solent, typically a gentle start built during the day with afternoon sea breeze piping up the wind speed to 17 knots by the final race.

Tom Milne, Doyle Sails UK presents Serious Fun with the J/70 UK Class Champions Trophy. L-R Toby Mumford, Annabel Vose, Hannah Peters, Mark Lees. (pic: Tanya Robinson/Royal Southern YC)

Mark Lees’ young team, racing Serious Fun, only splashed their brand new boat on the first day of the championship with virtually know pre-regatta preparation, the team scored, four wins out of ten races ‘straight out of the bubble wrap, to claim the National Open Title. In a fleet of 35 boats including sailors from the Olympics, America’s Cup, and World Champions, the young team took a victory that they will always remember.

“A big thank you to Stuart Childerley and his race team for organising ten really good races, and to Robert Vose and the team at the Royal Southern Yacht Club, for hosting such a lovely regatta, and finally thank you to my team, it is rare to get to sail with some of my very favourite people, we had so much fun.” Commented Serious Fun’s Mark Lees.

Tom Milne, Doyle Sails UK with DSP. L-R Christian Birrell, Dan Schieber, Lauren Mead, Doug Struth, Geoff Carveth. (pic: Tanya Robinson/Royal Southern YC)

Doug Struth’s DSP (Royal Southern YC), helmed by Geoff Carveth the top Corinthian team, winning the 2018 Corinthian J/70 UK National title. “Really good racing – a fantastic weekend.” commented Doug Struth. “All of our races went very well except one, so we are happy with our consistency, and we sailed the best on the last day, which was a great way to finish the championship.”

“As a team we have definitely made some progress.” commented Geoff Carveth. “The UK Class still has some way to go to beat the top teams from Italy and America but this championship has put us closer to our goal of getting on the podium for the Worlds at the Royal Torbay Yacht Club in 2019.”



Martin Dent’s Jelvis (Island SC) scored a bullet in the last race to take second in the Open Class, having been seventh overnight. DSP was third in the Open Class. The 2017 Open J/70 UK National Champions, Ian Wilson & Marshall King’s Soak Racing (Royal Southern YC) was fourth, and Calascione & Ripard’s Calypso (Royal Yacht Squadron) was fifth.

Second in the Corinthian Class was Soak Racing. Fiona Hampshire’s Elizabeth (Royal Thames YC) was third. The 2017 Corinthian J/70 UK National Champion, Patrick Liardet’s Cosmic (Royal Southern YC) was fourth, and Jack Davies Yeti (Royal Solent YC) was fifth.

Full GJW Direct J/70 UK 2018 National Championship Results

The GJW Direct J/70 UK National Championship was a non-discardable regatta in the J/70 UK Class Grand Slam Series. The next event will be Lendy Cowes Week. With a mini-series running from 4-7th August.j70nats-1-start

J/70 UK 2018 Grand Slam Series Overall Standings