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2018 Grand Slam results and 2019 Worlds Qualification status

The final results for the 2018 Grand Slam Series are now published and have been updated to include the National Championships results which are non-discardable.

Congratulations to the teams of Geoff Carveth and Doug Struth on DSP, the Corinthian Winners and who also just pipped Clive Bush, Darcey; the Open Winners.

Updated following November 2018 Class Committee meeting…

Full list of UK qualifiers for 2019 Worlds

The Class Association will also require that the UK entries for the Worlds pay a £250 entry deposit paid to secure the qualification slot. The payment deadline will be early enough in 2019 to ensure all the UK places are allocated in the event that any of the current qualifiers don’t take their slot.

Please direct any questions regarding worlds qualification to Hannah Prevost, Paul Ward or David McLeman.

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