2018 Grand Slam results and 2019 Worlds Qualification status

The final results for the 2018 Grand Slam Series are now published and have been updated to include the National Championships results which are non-discardable.

Congratulations to the teams of Geoff Carveth and Doug Struth on DSP, the Corinthian Winners and who also just pipped Clive Bush, Darcey; the Open Winners.

The UK qualification for the 2019 World Championships is nearly settled; 18 competitors have qualified but there remain 2 places to be filled.

The reason for the remaining places is that no races were sailed at the last event #9 of the Grand Slam series (2nd weekend of the HRSC One-Design Winter Championships)) and therefore, per the notice of race, it cannot count towards the Grand Slam or 2019 Worlds Qualifiers.

The NoR for the 2019 World Qualifiers also required that:

  • The best 5 ranking results should count for each entrant.
  • 10 places are available for Corinthian and 10 for Open entrants.

Under the terms of the NoR we therefore only have 8 Open entries who have completed the necessary 5 races to be eligible for qualification for the 2019 Worlds and whilst there are more Corinthian entries who have completed the necessary 5 events the original NoR does not allow for more than 10 from either Corinthian or Open cohort.

As a result the committee will issue a revised or new NoR for the Worlds Qualification following a committee meeting on November 17th 2018 to determine criteria for a further event or events to select the remaining 2 competitors and to allow those whose plans had included GS#9 a further opportunity qualify. This does not affect the 18 crews whose qualification has been confirmed (below).

It is expected that final selection criteria will include a number (TBC) of the early few events of 2019 to determine the final two places. It is also expected that these two places will be awarded to the best qualifiers without regards to the Open/Corinthian status. So if you did not complete 5 events in 2018 then please make plans now to enter in the Spring Championships and early 2019 Grand Slam events.

The Class Association will also require that the UK entries for the Worlds pay a £250 entry deposit paid to secure the qualification slot. The payment deadline will be early enough in 2019 to ensure all the UK places are allocated in the event that any of the current qualifiers don’t take their slot.

Please direct any questions regarding worlds qualification to Hannah Prevost, Paul Ward or David McLeman.

Congratulations to those who have already qualified for the 2019 World Championships:

Corinthian: Geoff Carveth / Doug Struth /D S P, Marshall King & Ian Wilson/Soak Racing, Jack Davies/Yeti, Fiona Hampshire/Elizabeth, Patrick Liardet/Cosmic, Philip Rees/Bryn, David McLeman/Offbeat, Andrew Barraclough/Jenga 8, Steve Venables/Injunction, Tim Collins/Velvet Elvis/EV Experts.

Open: Clive Bush/Darcey, Martin Dent/Jelvis, Paul Ward/Eat, Sleep, J, Repeat, John Greenland/Jdog, Ossie Stewart & Lawrie Smith/Alfie, Graham Clapp/Jeepster, Thor Askeland & Robert Larke/Mjoelnir, Simon Cavey/Just4play